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Welcome to Private Conversations

Welcome to AfterTalk Conversations, a secure, private place where you can write to someone you cared about—and miss. You may want to simply share your feelings of loss or your day-to-day experiences, as you did when your loved one was with you. Or you might want to write to share life’s highlights: a marriage, a graduation, the birth of a child, a new job or just life’s challenges.

Managing grief by writing can have profound and positive effects on the grieving process.

A word on Grief Therapy. Many Grief Therapists and Counselors urge clients to write to their deceased loved ones as a form of Continuing Bonds Therapy. The Family and Friends and Therapist section of AfterTalk makes this were easy for both you and your therapist. You need only use the button in Private Conversations to permit your therapist to read what you have written to your deceased loved one.

You can choose to write to your Loved One in complete privacy or with family and friends, sharing your thoughts, wishes, frustrations, accomplishments, and blessings. You can write as much or as little as you wish, and you are free to include attachments like photos, videos, scanned artwork or documents. Your conversations are saved for as long as you wish, in complete privacy, accessible only with your AfterTalk password. Though your loved one is gone, the feelings and memories never die.

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