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How AfterTalk Works

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AfterTalk is a place of Comfort, Sharing and Insight for those who have experienced loss or are supporting a Loved One in Hospice Care. The first step to taking full advantage of the benefits our site is to become a member of AfterTalk by registering a free account here.

Five Features of AfterTalk

Private Conversations is a space is where you can write to your loved ones and save your writing, photos or videos for as long as you wish.You can also use "Family and Friends and Therapist" to set up a group of people you select to share your conversation with and write collectively. Managing grief by writing can have profound and positive effects on the grieving process.

Hospice Memory Archiving was created by AfterTalk as a new way of celebrating and paying tribute to your loved ones online. So often there is so much left to say. Many times what is left to say doesn't get preserved and shared. This is your private place to create a free, secure and confidential archive for your family and friends. Preserve and share your loved ones’ conversations, pictures, videos, hopes and dreams for generations to come. Whether it's a life story, "remember when" or a recipe for apple pie, now you can archive some of the sweetest moments in life.

AfterTalk Blog is home to a plethora of articles and inspirational quote sand a safe place to share your feedback as well. Find strength in the stories of others and gain insights and encouragement from our weekly inspirational quotes at our blog.

Ask Dr. Neimeyer is where renown grief authority Dr. Robert Neimeyer answers reader's questions about grieving.Robert A. Neimeyer, Ph.D.M is one of the foremost authorities on bereavement and grief in the US and abroad. We are honored to introduce this feature to AfterTalk, a weekly question and answer column authored by Dr. Neimeyer. We invite you to ask questions with the security of anonymity and confidentiality. Simply email your question to

Resource Center is where you'll find books, DVDs and grief counseling resources for guidance and healing along with information-related financial, insurance and estate planning. Our links provide you with easy access to dozens of websites that can offer you advice, guidance, and support. Our bookstore gives you access to resources that you may find useful at Amazon’s low prices.

You can write as much or as little as you wish.

You can include attachments like photos, scanned artwork, etc.

We encourage you to click HERE to see examples of private AfterTalk conversations and Family Conversations. In each case the authors gave us permission to share these conversations with you.

If you are having trouble getting started, click HERE and read the suggested “conversations starters” section.

We welcome you to the AfterTalk Community

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