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Hospice Memory Archiving FAQs

  1. Does it cost anything to participate in Hospice Archiving?
    1. No, membership is free

  2. Do I need an account in order to create memories?
    1. Yes, you need to login into your account in order to start creating memories
    2. If you don’t have an account, click here to create your account and follow the instructions on how to join our community

  3. Where do I go to add a new memory?
    1. Go to Hospice Memory Archiving > My Memory Archive > Create a New Archived Memory

  4. Where can I find my previously created memories?
    1. Go to Hospice Memory Archiving > My Memory Archive

  5. How long are my memories saved?
    1. Your uploads are saved for as long as you wish

  6. Can I change a memory once it’s been created?
    1. Yes – you are able to edit archived memories as well as delete them

  7. Are other people going to be able to see my memories?
    1. Your memories are private: no other user can read them as long as you keep your user id and password confidential
    2. However, if you want to share your uploads with family members or friends you can invite them to your archive or updates. You can do so by clicking the button that says "Invite Family Members or Friends."

  8. How can I invite friends to see my memories?
    1. You can invite family and friends to view your memories > you will need their email address to do so.
      1. Once you have created the memory click Invite family/ friends and enter their email address in addition to a short description
    2. Note: the person you invite will receive an email from the email address (please check spam folder if they don’t see the email)

  9. Can I share my memories with friends and family who do not have an account?
    1. Yes – friends and family can view your shared memory without having an account or logging into the website