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Get Started Guide

Hospice Memory Archiving was created by AfterTalk as a new way of celebrating and paying tribute to your loved ones online. So often there is so much left to say. Many times what is left to say doesn't get preserved and shared. Our Hospice Memory Archiving is your private space to document, share and preserve what you want your loved ones to know today and for the future. Follow these 7 easy steps to learn more about Hospice Memory Archiving and to get started.

Step 1: Go to

Go to and click on Hospice Memory Archiving on the homepage.

AfterTalk Hospice Memory

Step 2: Go to Welcome to Hospice Memory Archiving

Scroll down the page and watch the short video: "Lisa's Story"

AfterTalk Lisa's Story

Step 3: Get Started

Once you’re on the How Hospice Memory Archiving Works page, read down to the bottom of the section and click on Get Started

AfterTalk Hospice Memory

Step 4: Create an Account

It’s simple and easy to join our community and create an account. Now, follow the instructions to create you free account to start to preserve your memories!

AfterTalk Hospice Memory

Step 5: Your New Account

Congrats! You’ve officially joined and Hospice Memory Archiving. You are one step away to starting your memory album!
  1. After you clicked on the "Join Now" button, you will be taken to the "Thank You” page (see image below)
  2. You will also receive a confirmation email, but you can immediately begin using AfterTalk as a logged in user. Notice that at the top of the screen it now says, "Log out of your account."

AfterTalk Join

Next, can go ahead and click on the second icon from the left labeled Hospice Memory Archiving

Step 6: Start Saving Memories

  1. Click on Create a New Archived Memory

    AfterTalk memory
  2. Enter a Name and Description for your new memory

    AfterTalk Archive
Upload videos and photos and share private conversations!

AfterTalk Archive

Step 7: Your Memory Archive

Invite family and friends to share newly-created memories!

AfterTalk Archive

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page.

Conversation Starters

  1. What was the happiest moment of your life?
  2. What are the most important lessons you've learned in life?
  3. What is your favorite memory of me?
  4. What are you proudest of?
  5. Do you have any regrets?
  6. For your great grandchildren: Is there any wisdom you'd to pass on?
  7. Is there anything that you've never told me but want to tell me now?

Download our Get Started Guide for easy access to our step-by-step instructions!