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"When my son died, I thought I'd never know a moment of peace. Through AfterTalk I found tremendous comfort by writing to him and sharing with others in your Forum for Grieving Parents."

~ Sarah
AfterTalk Testimonial
"We had spoken every day for 30 years. Now silence. I was in so much pain. I started writing to her in AfterTalk's Private Conversations ... somehow; it feels like she really hears me."

~ Allen
AfterTalk Testimonial
"I always thought my mother would be at my wedding. I shared this in your AfterTalk Forum for Daughters who have lost their mothers. Hearing other people's words of comfort feels like my mother is with me."

~ Diane
AfterTalk Testimonial
"He went in for an elective procedure. He wasn't supposed to die. We were all in shock. None of us said good bye. Sharing our stories in AfterTalk's Family and Friends makes us feel like he's with us again."

~ Laura
AfterTalk Testimonial
"Many people hold in their personal grief. There aren't many "acceptable" outlets to express anger and undefined feelings after someone dies. Writing in AfterTalk's Private Conversations lets me do this without anyone’s approval or judgment."

~ Mariah P. Fisher, Ph.D.
AfterTalk Testimonial
"My father and I never got along. After he died, I wrote to tell him that he hurt me. It helped me forgive him and move on. Just shared a picture of his grandson ... who looks exactly like him."

~ Maxwell
AfterTalk Testimonial
"It was the anniversary of my husband's death. So much happened over the last year, it just poured out of me. It was a huge relief being able to tell him. It felt like he was right there with me."

~ Wanda
AfterTalk Testimonial

Write. Share.
  Always There.

Online Grief Support - Because when a loved one leaves us, the grief can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, the sudden "aloneness" is too much to bear. The conversations throughout the day with a spouse, the phone calls or emails with a friend or child—never again. The silence is almost unendurable. You yearn to continue the conversation. If you are coping with grief, you've come to the right place. Our online grief support site offers grief blogs, forums, inspirational quotes, and interactive writing tools to help you manage your grief.

Welcome to AfterTalk

We created AfterTalk to help you manage your grief, in ways most comforting for you.

We're a secure place where you can write and share with your deceased loved one, in ways both comforting and healing, in complete privacy. Writing to share what's in your heart is like being together again.

Our Private Conversations space is a sanctuary where you can write to your loved one, and save your writing for as long as you wish. You can also create a space where your invited Family and Friends can write and share together. In our AfterTalk Grief Forums, you can share with others with a loss the same as yours-a spouse or parent, a child, a friend, a partner.

In our Resource Center, you'll find books, DVDs and grief counseling resources along with information related financial, insurance and estate planning.

We are non-denominational and free to all.

We are always there for you.

Lisa Bogatin    Larry Lynn

Conversation Starters

“My fondest memory of you is…”

“I wish you were here so we could…”

“I want to share with you that…”

“I never told you that I …”


Conversation Samples

The following AfterTalk examples represent likely entries written to departed loved ones. They have been shared to perhaps guide, perhaps inspire others to write to their loved one.

AfterTalk Forums

you can share the thoughts and concerns of people who have experienced a loss similar to yours. Perhaps you have questions that others can help answer. Maybe you can offer them needed insights and support based on your own experience.