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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, a new online grief support site offers a platform for writing to deceased loved ones.

Palisades , NY, January 30, 2014 -The founders of AfterTalk announced the launch of their free website devoted to helping people through life's most difficult time - the loss of a loved one. The website offers grieving support tools through writing and sharing.

The heart of AfterTalk is its Private Conversations feature, a secure, private place for the grieving to employ therapeutic writing to maintain a virtual "conversation" with their deceased love one. AfterTalk's founders believe that grief can be alleviated by "continuing a conversation" with those who have passed, sharing one's daily experiences, thoughts, feelings, joys, frustrations and memories as they had during their time together. AfterTalk gives the grieving the opportunity to simulate connectedness while the healing process progresses.  

"For many, it is the silence death brings that is most painful. We are accustomed to a full day cycle of communication with those we love, everything from chatting over breakfast, to phone calls during the day, to pillow talk before sleep," says co-founder Larry Lynn.

Our Family and Friends feature, offers the grieving a place where they can invite selected family and friends to share thoughts, memories and photographs about the deceased in a place not accessible to the public. "It's a place where you can memorialize without the whole world watching," adds AfterTalk co-founder Lisa Bogatin. And for advice our blog discusses "Grieving and Dating: How to Get Started," "Grief Counseling: Good News for Medicare Recipients" and other important topics. 

For more help, the AfterTalk Resource Center links visitors to products and information to support those who have experienced a loss. Books, DVDs, Blogs, helpful Links and a fully stocked Sympathy Store are among its features.

For further information, contact co-founder Lisa Bogatin, 781-361-9440,

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome to AfterTalk

Welcome to AfterTalk

Welcome to AfterTalk. Founders Lisa and Larry hope this site helps you find solace and comfort. We have launched the site in what we hope is a simple, easy to navigate format. As we look forward, we plan to add many features that will be helpful to you.

We urge you to tell us what you think, how the site can be improved, and what features and services might be most useful to you. Click “Contact” on the menu bar and share your thoughts with us.

Thank you for visiting AfterTalk, and welcome again to our humble community.

Lisa Bogatin and Larry Lynn

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