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For My Dad

How I Miss You

Dear Dad,

I never thought I’d miss you this much, even after three years, but I do. Every time your grandchildren achieve another milestone, I feel the impulse to pick up the phone and call you. Early on I did, and didn’t realize it until I heard Mom’s voice on the answering machine. She never changed the message so it still says “You have reached the Watsons…” When I heard that, the pain of your loss was like a knife through my heart.

Just this week your beloved granddaughter was accepted early decision to Stanford University with a full academic scholarship. She is ecstatic, and we are so happy for her. She’s turning into quite an adult. It’s so hard to believe she was once that tiny little thing who slept in my arms. I wish with all my heart that you could see what she’s become, and pray that you can.


Your son

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