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If Only: Inspirational Quote 5.12.16

If Only  If only… The question that we face in our time of sorrow, So much life now gone, with no time to borrow If only… The hollow words replay throughout our every thought No child should pass and leave us in this hell where we’re now caught If only… The wretched emptiness could just

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Grief Poem: Inspirational Quote for 4.28.16

#112 A Grief Poem She walks in beauty, like the night I stole these words from Byron, and spoke them sotto voce when She walked through the door and across the room and into my soul until Death do us in. And Death done so, taking Her from me too soon in the fecund fullness

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Stillbirth: A Grief Poem

Stillbirth by Laure-Anne Bosselaar On a platform, I heard someone call out your name: No, Laetitia, no. It wasn’t my train—the doors were closing, but I rushed in, searching for your face. But no Laetitia. No. No one in that car could have been you, but I rushed in, searching for your face: no longer

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