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A Widow Discusses the Loss of a Loved One: part 1

[Editor: Today’s column was written by  a widow. This is Part 1. We will publish Part 2 tomorrow] It is very difficult to come up with appropriate words of consolation and support to soften the pain felt after the loss of a loved one. Most of what well-meaning people often express is usually received as

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Inspirational Quote of the Week September 11, 2014

  There is a heavy debt of guilt whenever I realize that our new life wouldn’t exist had Arron not died. Through the pain of our grief, we discovered strength we didn’t know we possessed, learned to appreciate the gifts of life and have empathy for others who were themselves in pain. We were awakened

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Inspirational Quote of the Week, August 14, 2014: Widows and Grieving

  INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Every widow wakes one morning, perhaps after years of pure and unwavering grieving, to realize she slept a good night’s sleep, and will be able to eat breakfast, and doesn’t hear her husband’s ghost all the time, but only some of the time. Her grief is replaced with a useful

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