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Memories and a Loved One’s Things

Things My mother loved clothes.  She kept them well.  She wore them well.  In the years after we all left home, in the years after my father’s death, she began allowing herself to buy more and more clothing.  Never anything too expensive or extravagant.  She didn’t need that.  She could turn Walmart into couture simply by

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Holiday Grieving: Inspirational Grief Poem 12.31.15

A Poem about Holiday Grieving on New Year’s Day   The Year Before Last by Unknown The holiday season is approaching, and with it comes the New Year. Although for me time passes slowly, New Year’s Day will ring in quickly. I dread this New Year’s Day because they will look at me in a terribly strange

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Holiday Grieving: Inspirational Grief Poem 12.24.15

A poem about Holiday Grieving   Wounded Holidays by Alan Harris Young, they left our homes in a moment, long or quick, they were gone. Dewdrops turned into teardrops, the shining sea too small to hold our grief. “Give us our children back,” we pled as we noticed their plateless places at the table. Regret

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