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Dreams and the Dead: An Inspirational Poem 2.18.16

Myth BY NATASHA TRETHEWEY I was asleep while you were dying. It’s as if you slipped through some rift, a hollow I make between my slumber and my waking, the Erebus I keep you in, still trying not to let go. You’ll be dead again tomorrow, but in dreams you live. So I try taking you

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When a Child Dies: A Special Interview

AfterTalk’s Blog Talk Radio brings you a special interview with the authors of “Meaningful Moments: Ritual and Reflection When a Child Dies.” AfterTalk Co-Founder Lisa Bogatin interviews authors Rana Limbo and Kathie Kobler on BlogTalk Radio’s AfterTalk Live Dr. Danai Papadatou describes the book in these terms: “These ‘meaningful moments’ are not measurable, but fully

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Still Grieving After All These Years…

Still Grieving After All These Years, OR, When Your Emotional Drain is Clogged I imagine your first thought, as a reader, is: “Wow Caitlin, that is a pretty terrible title. I thought you were supposed to be good at this writing thing?” Well, a) thank you for checking in… and b) I have selective writer’s

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