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Inspirational Quote 3.19.15 Loss of a Child

Over the last few weeks we’ve been presenting inspirational songs about grieving. We dealt with loss of a loved one, grieving from the point of view of the dying, and supporting a friend during their bereavement. You can find them through this liink: This week we are dealing with the hardest death of all,

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Inspirational Quote 3.5.12 Keep Me in Your Heart

[EDITOR: Last week’s musical inspirational quote attracted a lot of praise, so here’s a particularly poignant one for two reasons. First, it is a message from the deceased to loved ones. Second, since most of us experiencing loss are well along in life and frequently contemplate our own mortality, Warren Zevon has much to say

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Inspirational Quote 2.26.15 Song of Grieving and Loss

I recently found myself humming this iconic song. Written in 1938 for Broadway, it became an anthem of separation during World War II. In thinking over the lyrics I realized that it could be a song of grieving and loss. For far too many who didn’t come back from “over there,” it was, unfortunately, a song

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