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How to Write a Eulogy: Inspirational Quote 12.15.16

How to Write a Eulogy by azraiel this is the first draft of the eulogy I gave for my grandfather. I changed about 25% of it on the fly, but I don’t have a copy of what I actually said. Everyone whose opinion I care about loved it, including my grandmother. Speak from the heart,

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Inspirational Quote 12/11/14: Grieving for a Grandmother

  My Mother’s Mother died in the spring of her days. And her daughter did not remember her face. Her portrait, engraved upon my grandfather’s heart, was erased from the world of images after his death. Only her mirror remained in the home, sunken with age into the silver frame. An d I, her pale

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Grieving for her Grandmother through writing

This is a guest positing by the renowned Dr. Gloria Horsley. After interviewing AfterTalk’s Co-Founder, Lisa Bogatin, Dr. Horsely was inspired to express her grieving for her Grandmother through writing an AfterTalk “conversation.” Dr. Horsley, Ph.D., M.S., C.N.S.., is the founder, along with her daughter Dr. Heidi Horsley, of Open to Hope. She is an

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