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Informative and helpful tips on how to deal with grief during the holidays.

Managing Grief During the Holidays: A Plan B For the Holiday Season REVISITED

MANAGING YOUR OWN GRIEF DURING THE HOLIDAYS – THIS IS ANOTHER RE-RUN OF AN EARLIER POST IN ANTICIPATION OF THE UPCOMING HOLIDAYS My co-Founder Lisa suggested this. So nobody you know took my advice and called to include you in their holiday plans. Sorry that didn’t work out.. And you were too reluctant to reach

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Grieving During the Holidays: Easter and Passover

This is a modified rerun of a post I did last December. It’s about the helping the grieving during the holidays. I did several them, and over the next few days will republish them as we approach two holidays, Easter and Passover, that are observed by the entire family, and are therefore especially  problematic for

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The Grieving Process: Dealing with Valentine’s Day [Belated]

[Editor: This is only 11 days late, but the principles discussed apply to all holidays, so Happy Belated Valentine’s Day] Larry: My first wife, Vanessa, and I married young and were unable to have children so throughout our 24 years together it was just us. We never missed going out for a special Valentine’s Day

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Grieving During the Holidays: Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Those Who are Grieving

  If you are grieving during the holidays, here are some New Year’s Resolutions that could help ease the pain of grief.  Traditions have to start somewhere, so what better day than December 31st for a chronic procrastinator to propose some New Year’s Resolutions. 1. I will do everything in my power to reduce the

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If You Lost a Spouse/Domestic Partner in Recent Weeks Read This Today!

It’s December 26th as I write this. I remember when I lost my wife in late November, and remember how unprepared I was to deal with financial issues in the moment. I made mistakes that cost me later, so let me keep this simple. Talk to your accountant or financial advisor immediately about whether there

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