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Informative and helpful tips on how to deal with grief during the holidays.

Grieving? Getting Through the Holidays

Getting Through the Holidays When our loved one dies, we grieve not only for that individual, but also for the life we used to have, the love that special someone gave us and all the memorable times we spent together. Perhaps there is no time of the year when we’re more aware of the empty

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Holidays and Grieving for a Loved One: the First Thanksgiving

[Editor’s note; this is a reprint of a column I wrote last year anticipating Thanksgiving about Holidays and Grieving. I thought it was worth sharing again-LL] want to share my own experience of this with you. My young wife of 22 years died at age 42–this was some years ago–the week before Thanksgiving. She passed

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Grieving on Holocaust Remembrance Day

When I was a young boy in Brooklyn in the early 1950s, I vividly recall a man on the block rolling up his sleeve and showing me a blue tattoo of a numbers running up his forearm.The meaning of this had to be explained to me. I was perhaps five years old, but it left

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Other Voices on Grieving During the Holidays

In case you are tired of hearing from me about grieving during the upcoming holidays , I found some other voices you might want to listen to. Jamie Greenbaum writes most eloquently about her husband’s death from cancer. This article appears in the Huffington Post’s website and discusses her first Thanksgiving after her husband’s death.

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