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The Mathematics of Grief; a Disguised Blessing

I know I’m more than half right about this, so please bear with me. In mathematics there’s a concept called proportionality. Directly portortional means that if you travel faster, you’ll go farther. Inversely proportional means that the more people you have digging a ditch, the  sooner it will be done.  Grief is, for most of

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How To Write a Condolence Letter in a Meaningful Way

I was planning to write this a couple of weeks ago; then my mother passed away last week and my viewpoint changed from author to recipient, so I’d like to capture in this essay how notes register with the family members. I published three pieces about my experiences while dealing with my mother’s death from

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Grieving for my Mother Part 3: Will the Circle Be Unbroken

The morning after my mother’s death was filled with process and paperwork, made significantly easier than for many thanks to her meticulous planning. When my father was still alive they contracted for a complete burial package including services, coffins, and interment. We allowed one full day after her death for family to travel to Florida.

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