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My Wonderful Husband Passed Away…

Dr. Neimeyer, My wonderful husband passed away six months ago. It was very unexpected and he was the love of my life. I’m just having a hard time adjusting without him. He was my rock. Sabrina Dear Sabrina, When we lose an intimate life companion like your husband, we feel displaced, uprooted, without the grounding

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Coping with the autopsy

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, My son John, died just 14 months ago at 31 years of age. The Coroner’s findings were that he died from Mixed Drug Toxicity, Drug Induced Cardiomyopathy and Chronic on Acute Pancreatitis. John was also Hep C+ve. His father died from a long and complicated course of illness that extended through John’s

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Complicated and consuming grief of a friend

Dear Dr. Neimeyer– I have read and appreciate your work about meaning reconstruction in loss. I have a friend whose grief is so complicated and consuming that she can’t find life for herself (her husband died from cancer about six years ago) and she can’t seem to move forward at all. Here is an excerpt

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