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Ambiguous Losses: a brother’s cancer diagnosis

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, Five years ago my younger brother, Eric, was diagnosed with cancer, though he was only 15 at the time.  Our life as a family seemed to change overnight, as we all were faced with the fear of what this might mean, and my parents became totally absorbed in his chemotherapy, hospitalizations, and

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Fearing the loss of a child

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, Firstly, thank you for providing your expertise online. It has helped me since losing one of my twin sons in his late 20s in a motorcycle accident not long ago. This time has been filled with not only grief for the loss of my very close son, but also worry for his twin brother  who witnessed

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My brother died: cancer leading to suicide

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, My brother died a few months ago from suicide.  He shot himself in his bed after fighting cancer for two years.  The last time I saw him he looked like a skeleton, and the police said he was so dehydrated that there was almost no blood on the sheets.  I’ve been able to

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