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Grief and Depression

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, Following the death of my 22 year old daughter of a drug overdose two years ago, I of course have struggled with my grief, but also had two very distinct periods of depression, each approximately 6 months long, filled with classic symptoms of lack of energy to do anything, loss of interest

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I Lost My Older Brother… Grieving and Depression

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I lost my older brother just a few weeks ago. I feel so sad and depressed. Plus I have major depression and an anxiety disorder, panic disorder too. Could losing my brother make me have lapse back into a deep depression again? -Phoebe Dear Phoebe, The short answer to your question is “Yes,

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A Daughter asks about Grief & Depression

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I assumed I would always know what my dad would say if he were here today. We were best friends, and he was very, very outspoken. Without blinking, I feel in sync with his priorities. Yet lately, I’ve been wondering how he would respond to something. I’m not the type for séances,

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