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Doctor depressed by Patient Suicide

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I have a friend who is a retired Obstetrician/Gynecologist from a world renowned medical group. He ruminates and is depressed about a patient he had many years ago. She suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth, and then died by suicide. He tells the story that she came to him, and he

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Grief and Test Taking

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, My grandson took a psychological test for placement in a job (oral – he passed the written).  He failed this test.  My question is: he was grieving the loss of his grandfather just 2 months prior.  Could this have had an  impact on his test results? We are attempting an appeal and

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A Father’s Death: Struggling with the “what ifs?”

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, My father had schizophrenia and I am so proud of how he managed his illness. He will continue to be an inspiration to me and I do direct my son, who struggles with mental illness, to grandpa’s example. My father found that walking cleared his thoughts and decreased the symptoms of depression.

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